Stitcherhood - a community for creative textile upcyclers

Textile Alchemists come here to connect & change the world.

A hub for textile waste alchemists - individuals who have a passion for repurposing old clothes, fabric scraps, and discarded textiles into innovative and sustainable solutions. 

By bringing together these creative minds, Stitcherhood aims to reduce environmental impact and inspire positive change. Whether you're an established upcycling entrepreneur, skilled hobbyist or brand new to the world of transforming discarded textiles, Stitcherhood is the place to connect, learn, collaborate and support people and projects that make a difference. 

By joining Stitcherhood you're prioritizing your creative process and the well-being of our collective future.  I believe that together we have the power to make joyful changes that result in better environmental health and enough for all.  This is my life's work and I thank you for joining the charge for change.