Crispina's Stitcherhood Recycling Society

Inspiring the creative reuse of discarded clothing and all textiles to build a better future.

About Crispina's Stitcherhood Recycling Society

About Stitcherhood

Crispina’s Stitcherhood Recycling Society brings together Textile-Centric Artists, Activists, Educators, Hobbyists, Entrepreneurs, and Industry Professionals to Stitch, Weave, Sew, and otherwise Reconfigure Textile Waste (from used clothing to manufacturers' waste) so that we can Inspire, Support, and Collaborate; Offering creative high-jinx, and a nurturing creative practice, ranging from individual self-expression to commercial product development all while building textile-trash awareness and having an ever-increasing positive environmental impact.

About Crispina ffrench

Crispina ffrench is the founder and host of Crispina's Stitcherhood Recycling Society. Crispina is a recycled textile activist, industry professional, and entrepreneur who has dedicated herself to using sustainable materials and recycling textiles for 30 years with the ultimate goal of reducing global textile waste.

Why Join Us? So That You Can:

  • Have fun creating with discarded textiles while nurturing yourself and our planet.
  • Be a part of a community of like-minded textile creatives.
  • Tangibly address the environmental impact of textile-waste.
  • Bring awareness to the impact of our clothing choices.
  • Offer/Find alternatives to fast fashion.
  • Collaborate to reduce textile-waste.
  • Increase the level of global textile-recycling.
  • Share or learn creative textile recycling prowess.

Consider Joining the Collaborator Membership of the Stitcherhood

When you subscribe to the Collaborator Membership of the Stitcherhood, you'll have access to:

  • Daily Content
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  • And So Much More!

A Big Thanks

Sending out gratitude to all my customers, followers, fans, friends and family who have supported this mission for the last 30 years.  

Thank you to my founding members who showed a level of interest worthy of creating a more robust and connected community.

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