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where textile upcycling entrepreneurs hang out to grow profits and fun, meaningful connections

We are a community of creative textile upcycling entrepreneurs bound together by our shared passion of reusing discarded textiles - harvesting value from the landfill stream - turning what others think is trash into treasure. 

Stitcherhood is a gathering place for textile upcycling entrepreneurs where resources and experience are shared.  A place where creativity, kindness and shift happens, addressing excessive consumption, increasing awareness of textile waste and highlighting our opportunity to reduce environmental impact with creative ingenuity and fun while building financially viable businesses.  

Profitable textile circularity is the focus.

So glad you found us!

  • Are you rockin' your textile upcycing enterprise and are just super stoked to have found a community of creative business people who 'get' you?
  • Do you question your commitment to making your textile upcycling business work?  Does it seem harder than planned?  You are willing to try something fresh and change the world in the process...  and welcome some like-minded support.
  • You are dreaming about a truly sustainable textile upcycling biz but you wonder if it is really possible to make a decent living while living a decent life...?

  • Maybe you are newbie, amped up by the positive response you are getting to your upcycled collection.  You can't wait to create a source of income that is super fun and financially, spiritually, and creatively rewarding.

Founder - Crispina ffrench

After forging an uncharted path into textile-upcycling manufacturing in Massachusetts in the 1980s, making that journey a little easier for others was added to my life’s work.  

A couple years into running my textile upcycling manufacturing company with supporting staff of 40 skilled makers, it became quite clear that to affect global change in textile reuse, we would need all the help and we could get.  

All along the way, I encouraged employees, fans and followers to forge their own textile upcycling businesses.  I wrote The Sweater Chop Shop published by Storey, a teaching book outlining my making process with step by step instruction AND in 2020 Stitcherhood unfolded - a place for textile upcycling entrepreneurs to support, encourage and inspire each other.  You can learn more at www.Crispina.eco or on instagram at @Crispinaffrench

Community Manager - Sondra Primeaux

Sondra Primeaux has been an upcycle designer and maker for 20 years and a vintage textile collector for just as long. Her textile upcycling business, The Unruffled, a labor of love, has ebbed and flowed over the years. Sondra serves on the board of a nonprofit in Austin, TX called Austin Creative Reuse and since she took on that position a few years ago, she’s become more of an activist in the upcycling space. When she’s not making or managing the Stitcherhood community, she loves photography, reading, hiking and swimming in Barton Springs with her husband and two kids. You can see more of her work at www.theunruffled.com or on Instagram @sondra_unruffled.

Your interest in textile upcycling adds momentum to the textile upcycling movement changing the way textiles are consumed, used, and reused. I am grateful you are considering membership. Feel free to reach out if there's anything I can help with.


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